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Zendesk «» Brightpearl

Our Brightpearl «» Zendesk integration consists of two parts;

1. A Zendesk App

This retrieves contact and order information from Brightpearl using the ticket requester's email address, and shows it on the right hand side of your Zendesk view. No more switching between applications to find out what's going on!

Your Zendesk agents now have (limited) access to Brightpearl order information without needing to be logged in to Brightpearl, which saves time and shows them information right where it's needed.

2. A browser extension

A browser extension (a Javascript user script using TamperMonkey) adds a box on the right hand side of the contact screen and order screen. If tickets are found in Zendesk for the relevant email address, the tickets are shown. You can view all the comments for tickets here, and click out to the Zendesk ticket.

Seeing your Zendesk tickets in Brightpearl will help to reduce mistakes, and means you no longer need to search Zendesk for support issues when you're working with a Brightpearl contact or order.

Zendesk tickets on the Brightpearl contact screen.

Zendesk tickets on the Brightpearl order screen.

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